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[GUIDE] Drugs

Post by Deron Frazier on Thu Mar 03, 2016 1:58 pm

Alright so, selling and consuming drugs is a main priority of this faction's scenery, your characters will be around drugs most of the time, here's a guide which will outline the effects and details of drugs which are commonly used by street-gangs thanks to Pacooo.

Introduction to the Guide

This is a newly updated version of the drug guide, in terms of teaching you how to roleplay taking drugs with the utmost realism and fun you can! I’ve taken my time to go through each drug one by one with hours of research to define the proper etiquette in which to initiate a drug effect, withdrawal and addiction. Have fun when roleplaying at all times! I’m one who can acknowledge the potential seeing as drugs are a major part of the majority of the roleplay in the server, so take advantage, and use this guide to help you.

The drugs I will be focusing on in this guide are:

  • Marijuana
  • Phenylcyclohexylpiperidine (PCP)
  • Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (Ecstacy)
  • Cocaine
  • Crack
  • Methamphetamine
  • Amphetamine
  • Z
  • Opium
  • Heroin

Marijuana is a plant which can be grown in crops, harvested, dried and then broken down and smoked. It can also be eaten, or brewed in tea. The common street names for marijuana can be weed, hash, yeska, green, bud or grass. However, with more experience in the drug business, there may be certain names for different areas in the city. When under the influence, a user will have a fairly dopey presence, with glassy pinky eyes. The eyes may be bloodshot, and the pupils will be dilated.

After eating, smoking or drinking (brewed) marijuana bud, the effects do not kick in right away. An exception to a bong hit, which the effects may kick in substantially quicker as opposed to a joint or blunt. The user will start to feel a relaxed, de-sensitized sense of feeling, for example, they may lose their attention in sense of hearing or smell in a form of perception. Because of this, the user may be subject to paranoia, after seeing things they did not know where there before. The appetite of the user will increase substantially, which the term called the ‘munchies’ is used. If a user has an uncomfortable setting, the ability to keep the feeling in the mind when sober does not exist, causing the user to likely be more prone to emotional outbursts, whether it be anger, sadness and such. In this case, marijuana can amplify the emotions somewhat. The high will last roughly 5 to 6 hours, depending on the quantity of marijuana used. A user cannot sleep off the high, and may wake up with the effects still influencing them.

Withdrawal/After Effects
A withdrawal from marijuana can result in lack of defined detail of what happened during the high, if the user had consumed a large amount. The THC, the compound which causes the high, remains in the bloodstream for 90 days. The user will be slightly dizzy and may be nauseous in some cases. If the user is experienced with a heavy amount of marijuana use with a THC level above 50% over a short period of time, they may be subject to schizophrenia. The withdrawal can last up to 24 hours.

How to roleplay the high?
In the process of roleplaying the using of marijuana, eating it is the easiest of all and doesn’t require any explanation on what to say. When smoking a joint or blunt, the smoke is very thick in comparison to cigarette smoke, and the user may choke if the experience is new and they have taken a large hit. When smoking a blunt, the user can adopt a fairly strong nicotine addiction due to the tobacco wrapping.

When high, you can use the following actions to display your roleplay;
/ame or /me has eyes that are glossy pink, and bloodshot. The pupils are dialated.
/ame or /me has dialated pupils. His/her eyes appear glassy and dazed.
/ame or /me appears dopey when looking around, blinking slowly.

Phenylcyclohexylpiperidine (PCP)
Phenylcyclohexylpiperidine or Phencyclodine (more commonly) is a compound liquid that is formed by animal tranquilizers, chemical nail polish and essentially a large mix of substances and materials that fit the chemical code PCP is made from. The drug can be smoked when laced with a cigarette, joint or blunt, injected through a needle and sniffed when chopped into a heavily pure form of powder. However, it is extremely rare to come across a pure form, in which case snorting the drug may be instantly fatal. On the street, PCP can be known as water, angel dust or sherm (when mixed with marijuana). A PCP user can be noticed heavily by his highly faded appearance. The user may experience excessive inability to communicate logically or rationally, with mixing of words into absurd sentences. By extension, the user may not be able to walk at all, let alone stand. The muscles are all mixed as the signals the users brain is trying to send are distorted, and cause mis-movements when attempting to do the easiest of things. For example, when high the action of walking in a straight line can be replaced with laying down and rolling on the floor or hopping and jumping (this isn’t an excuse for you to bunnyhop). The user will have dilated pupils, as per most reactions to drugs that stimulate chemical arousal in the system.

After injecting or smoking PCP, the user will instantly have an increased heart rate and begin to lose focus on basic motor-control, followed by slowly drifting into a lucid state at which heavily subjective hallucinations can occur. Ideas of evil can occur due to the chemical compound PCP likes to flirt with in the human body. All sense of human behavior can disappear, and animosity towards anything or anybody can erupt into a violent outburst. A heavy strain on muscles can occur, causing them to hyper tense and increase the ability to exert resilience to pain or irritation, thus making pepper spray, tear gas, or any other liquid/deterrent unable to effect the user. A taser still remains highly effective if launched in the right place, as the muscles contract regardless of the drug influence or not. Emotions are amplified based of near psychotic episodes, where a user may become highly aggressive and look for a fight. But in reality, we see the user jumping and rolling around, and yelling. That’s the level of intensity the hallucinations have. The high lasts roughly 3 to 4 hours.

Withdrawal/After Effects
After withdrawing from a PCP high, the user can have no memory of anything that happened. However, psychotic episodes roughly 80 days after the initial use of the PCP can occur, causing heavy confusion, dizziness and nausea. The user will be tired, and fatigued. Due to the heavy amounts of chemical that enters the brain, brain damage can occur. This can cause memory loss, slow reaction time and in some cases inability to learn movements, due to the brains inability to heal the damaged areas. There is a very slight addiction, however not enough to make the user go out of his way to get a fix. The withdrawal in whole takes 24 hours at most.

How to roleplay the high?
In all, after being on a heavy influence of PCP you will be lapsing in your common sense and ability to talk with clear diction. You may want to slur your text, and mix your grammar up to make it seem disjointed. For example, instead of “Good Morning Officer, what seems to be the problem?”, you may say, “Offisser Pigg, problem issn’t nothing, so jus’see you later ‘right?”. Note that in the end it depends on your characters ethnicity. If being tased or pepper sprayed, be sure to show resistance, but not act like superman. The drug doesn’t do that, hence why the military denied its use.

When high, you can use the following actions to display your roleplay;
/ame or /me appears very lost, with his eyes darting around rapidly.
/ame or /me starts to hop as he walks, falling down and yelling at the sky, before rolling back to his feet slowly and jumping again.

Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (Ecstasy)
Methylenedioxymethamphetamine or ecstasy, is a green, blue or red tablet that can be indigested by swallowing it. You can identify the drug by the names, E, X or the party pill. Under the influence of ecstasy, the user will appear floating away in their own thoughts, often with dilated pupils, dry lips, tensing facial expressions and grinding teeth, as per the compound of amphetamine in ecstasy. The user will sweat a lot due to an elevated heart rate level.

After in digesting ecstasy, the effects will begin to slowly kick in, starting with an elevated heart rate and then slowly the perception drifting away into a lucid frame of mind. The users feelings on objects around himself will become sensitized and stimulate the reaction in most often in an enjoyable sensation up the users hand or arm. Sounds will become focused, and may repeat in disorientation to the user. The users body temperature will rise quite substantially, causing sweat and crawling feelings to spread through the skin. The problem with this is the risk of stroke or a seizure, due to the body overheating in a party scene/surrounded by dozens of people. The high off ecstasy can last 2 to 3 hours.

Withdrawal/After Effects
The withdrawal from ecstasy results in a headache, which can range from moderate to severe which varies from person to person. The user will be light-headed and may experience light feelings of anxiety and depression. The chemical will remain in the system for little over a day after first taken since it’s digested fairly quickly. After long term use of ecstasy, the user can be subject to lack of sleep and apathy, and autistic behavior. Withdrawal can last 3 to 4 hours.

How to roleplay the high?
Ecstasy can be roleplayed a few minutes after being initially taken, in which you can do /drug use. You can start to roleplay a slight lapse in a content state of mine, and begin to smile wildly as things start to get euphoric as per the drugs effects. Your sex drive will increase due to the increased hormone production the drug encourages, so you may introduce a desire of sexual feeling when you roleplay the drug influence.

When high, you can use the following actions to display your roleplay;
/ame or /me feels his/her hands along things as he/she walks, smiling with a dazed expression.
/ame or /me grinds his/her teeth and jaw, darting his/her dilated pupils around rapidly.
/ame or /me stumbles into things, convulsing with movements to an imaginary beat.

Cocaine, which is an alkaloid substance harvested from coca plants, is grown in crops to harvest the leaves. They are then dried out and separated between alkaloids, the necessary one being the cocaine alkaloid. It can be sniffed, laced with a joint (called a primo) or blunt and smoked, or cooked in a spoon and injected. The common names for cocaine on the street are powder, snow and coke. Under the influence of cocaine, a user will appear edgy and restless, often rubbing their nose if the cocaine has been snorted, since the ingredients numb the feeling in the nose and cause slight tingling. The user will have dilated pupils, and have slightly thickened veins due to the heightened blood pressure from the drug.

After snorting cocaine, the effects kick in completely after six or seven seconds as they enter the nasal cavity, and into the blood stream. If smoked, the cocaine will slowly start to kick in roughly five minutes at most after the first hit. If injected, the effects will be felt instantly as they enter the blood-stream directly. The user will gain a substantial amount of energy, and feel more social towards others. While on the drug, irritability and paranoia may heighten as things start to speed up for the user, causing the need to process a lot at once. The user will rise in body temperature, however won’t sweat. The high from snorting, injecting and smoking cocaine last from a period of 4 to five hours, depending on the purity of the cocaine the user has.

Withdrawal/After Effects
Withdrawal from cocaine results in heavy fatigue, as the body temperature and blood pressure is returning to normal. Nose bleeds can occur if the drug has been snorted, as the coagulant agents lapse as the drug is being broken down in the blood stream. Cocaine will remain in the system for up to 48 hours at most. Depression and anxiety can occur as the user becomes paranoid when the senses return to normal after the high. The high lasts for a short time, so the desire and dependence for more cocaine takes hold and this is where addiction for the drug forms. The complete withdrawal process takes up to 30 hours, depending on the amount of use.

How to roleplay the high?
Cocaine makes you heavily attentive and irritable, and acts off your emotions to amplify them. If you’re stressed and take the drug, you’ll often become very aggressive and paranoid, and want to do something about it. If sniffed, you’ll often rub your nose since its irritated, and sniff a lot.

When high, you can use the following actions to display your roleplay;
/ame or /me sniffs his/her nose, rubbing it a few times.
/ame or /me darts his/her eyes around a lot, tapping impatiently while clearly restless.

Crack (Cocaine)
Crack cocaine is the extended form of cocaine, when cooked with baking soda and dried. It is often smoked in a glass pipe, or crushed down and laced with a joint. The names on the street for crack cocaine are, crack, rock, cavvy or hard. The appearance of a crack user is substantially different to one who uses powder cocaine. Their figure will appear a lot skinnier, and boney. The user will have pasty looking skin, often pale and dry. The mouth is often covered in sores, such as cuts, warts or cold sores due to the drug numbing the mouth and causing the user to bite it, causing injection. A crack user may also appear visibly tired, however may not seem so due to the energy the drug gives. Dilated pupils are also usually present, however after a crack ‘binge’, there can be no pupil reaction at all.

After smoking crack cocaine, the user will instantly feel an increase in energy and alertness, as well as euphoria, and the desire to act, or move, as well as an increased level of confidence in doing so. An ease to concentrate is present under the influence of this drug. This diligent level of attentiveness wears the body out quickly, hence why skinniness is common in long-term crack users. The high from smoking crack cocaine rarely lasts more then half an hour, hence why this drug is so addictive due to the need for the high to kick in again.

Withdrawal/After Effects
Withdrawing after the short high of crack cocaine results in instant fatigue and anxiety, as the feeling which the drug once suppressed return, which causes heavy paranoia and desire for more crack to re-suppress the feelings. This is what makes the drug so addictive, as the user does not want to return to a sober state and to be able to worry about little things the user once didn’t have to. Withdrawing completely lasts up to 48 to 72 hours, depending on the period of use the user has gone through.

How to roleplay the high?
Crack cocaine causes you to feel energetic and euphoric, and feel unstoppable- even though you aren’t. You will often be repeating an action or fiddling with something to cope with the energy, as well as rubbing your dry skin a lot due to irritation and flakiness.

When high, you can use the following actions to display your roleplay;
/ame or /me has a dry mouth, and seems malnourished and boney, with dry skin. (after a long period of use)
/ame or /me fiddles around a lot, darting around his/her eyes attentively.

Methamphetamine is a chemical compound which is synthesized through mixture of pseudoephedrine and other basic compounds, which forms a crystal substance after cooking, thus achieving crystal methamphetamine. This crystal can be broken down to powder, which then can be snorted, or cooked under a lighter and injected. The street names for meth include devils dandruff, ice, crystal and tweak. There are variable appearances based on the level of meth use from the user. A short term user will display a slightly weakened body stature, with light levels of acne. However, over a longer period, the user will have a fairly skinny figure. The user may have large scabs covering the face and arms, due to a crawling feeling going over their skin, thus causing the user to scratch and then allow the wounds to be infected. A user who smokes the drug will have a condition known as ‘meth mouth’, where the protective layering of the teeth is worn away, and open to harmful chemicals from the drug which decay the teeth and cause them to rot. While high, the user will appear fairly sweaty, and nervous. Often the eyes will seem highly exhausted, and strung out, with dilated pupils.

After injecting, smoking or snorting methamphetamine, the effects usually hit the user instantaneously. Users who smoke the drug will experience a numbed sensation in the lips and mouth. The sudden feeling of enhanced attention to everything around you will begin to stand out, as well as extended paranoia, restlessness, hypertension and concentration. The user will over-think, but not in-depth, to the point of a rational decision. Twitching and grinding of teeth can occur, with heightened energy. By extension, the energy and sex drive of the user can cause sexual experiences which last at hours for some users, since the mind is being tricked by the drugs chemical input. Tingling will start to cover the skin, as well as feelings of warm and cold brushing against the skin and muscles. Along with this, the dopamine spreading through the body will heighten all sensations into a sense of heavy euphoria. A user will become highly volatile to changing emotions at all times, causing unpredictability to occur. A high from methamphetamine will last roughly 8 to 12 hours at most, and will wear off after sleep; that is if the user can relax enough to do so.

Withdrawal/After Effects
The withdrawal from methamphetamine results in a slowly building pain through the muscular system of the user due to the extended hypertension wearing down. A meth crash, or a long period of sleep of up to 2 days will also occur to the user. The drug will remain in the system for at least 4 days, before finally being broken away. Along with the heavy fatigue, the user will experience heavy depression and confusion, and often after an extended period of time schizophrenia, from the slow return of mental control and conscience to the user. After a long meth binge, the likeliness of normal challenges or obstacles in everyday life may seem highly threatening, and cause an over-exaggerated reaction such as depression or heavy crying. The entire withdrawal of methamphetamine will last between 3 to 5 days in total, judging on the amount of meth used over a period of time.

How to roleplay the high?
A meth-addict roleplay is fairly simple to roleplay with a few commands you can display.
/ame or /me has strung out, tired eyes with dilated pupils.
/ame or /me begins to scratch irritably on his/her arms and face.
/ame or /me darts his/her eyes around between each person rapidly.

Amphetamine is a chemical that appears in powdered form, and is often packaged in tablets. The smaller dosages of amphetamine exist in ADHD pills, which give the sufferer to concentrate and be more attentive. Once again, the dosage isn’t high, hence why the subscription isn’t illegal. However, dosages of amphetamine which are in higher concentration are used as psychoactive substance. Commonly known as amp or speed, the user will become heavily energetic and aware, and appear to be surrounded by an imaginary world. The user will have dilated pupils, a heightened blood pressure which will cause sweating, and the veins of the user to stick out to the skin.

After snorting, or in digesting amphetamine, one being more instant in effects then the other (snorting), the user will experience a rush of energy, with a heightened heart rate and blood pressure to go with it. The feeling of heavy euphoria and weightlessness can occur, which causes basic movements to feel light and easy. Perception of surroundings may become warped, and hallucinations can occur to the user, which will draw based off the surroundings in high dosages. A heightened libido and feeling of invincibility will slowly occur, as well as a heightened sex drive and the ability to have sexual activities for a long period of time. The restlessness is accompanied by heavy muscle convulsions, especially in the jaw. The user will grind his/her teeth quite substantially, and dart his/her eyes around due to the extension of paranoia and anxiousness. The high from amphetamine comes in stages. The initial burst of high will last up to 2 minutes at most, with the extended dopamine flooding and effects of the drug lasting up to 12 hours from use.

Withdrawal/After Effects
The process of withdrawing from amphetamine causes a heavy mental fatigue to the user, with high levels of confusion and anxiety to the whereabouts and memory of what occurred during the high. The user will be very weak, and tired, and may sleep for hours after withdrawal from use (4-5 hours at most). In some cases, feelings of bugs crawling under the skin will afflict the user, as well as hypersensitivity to the skin. Long terms of withdrawal and use of amphetamine can cause paranoia and schizophrenia, and suicidal tendencies due to the confusion being too great. The withdrawal as a whole can last 2 to 3 weeks after use, depending on the amount taken.  

When amped up, the following terms can be used in roleplay;
/ame or /me appears very jolty, and sweaty; panting heavily.
/ame or /me has dilated pupils, with widened, strained eyes.
/ame or /me grinds his/her teeth frequently, with eyes darting around gingerly.

Benzodiazepine (Z)
Benzodiazepine is a psychoactive stimulant which is often used in insomnia subscriptions in smaller dosages, to cause sleep and relaxation. However, in a high dosage, the drug can cause a high amount of hallucinogenic effects, and give the user an ‘out of body’ experience. Benzodiazepine is commonly known as either ‘Z’, or happy tablets. The user will appear quiet drowsy, with saggy eyes and a failure to respond in basic conversation.

After in digesting the tablet form of Z in a higher dosage, after 10 minutes or so the effects should start to kick in, accompanied with heavy drowsiness and muscle relaxation occurring. The user will slowly lose inhibitions and sense of place, and may drift into a lucid state where hallucinations can occur. The depression of muscular activity caused by this drug reduces the heart rate and blood pressure, and can cause the user to become dizzy and have a lack of basic co-ordination. Any libido disappears, as well as the basic responses of the user. The effects of Z wear off with sleep, and last up to roughly 5 hours at most.

Withdrawal/After Effects
Withdrawing from Z results in a heavy fatigue, and lack of memory, as well as an absence of healthy sleeping patterns over a long period of time. Mentally, the memory and health over the users mind decreases, and increases the chance in seizures and heightened withdrawal from society. By extension, loss of interest in life and inability to feel moods and feelings, through de-sensitivity occurs. In some instances, suicide will occur due to the absence of wanting to live. Withdrawing from Z, in terms of completely leaving the users system will last roughly 2 days, however mentally the effects of use may not disappear (in a high dosage, and over a long period of time).

When under the heavy influence of Z, the following terms can be used in roleplay;
/ame or /me has an absent expression, with little response to anything.
/ame or /me moves with a disorientated step, and confusion to his/her whereabouts.
/ame or /me occasionally mutters to him/herself, slowly moving his/her eyes around in a daze.

Opium is a sap substance taken from a poppy plant, or un-bloomed flower head, which is collected and fermented. In the substance, there are heavy concentrations of morphine and codeine, both of which are painkillers. The sap can be dried and smoked through a pipe, or even a rolled joint/blunt. Usually a pipe, though. Opium is known as Big O, hop, dream stick and midnight oil. A user whom is high off opium will appear heavily relaxed, with glazed over eyes and underactive pupils.

After smoking opium, the effects should kick in fairly quickly as the smoke enters the blood stream. The user will experience slow waves of euphoria, in the form of dopamine flooding into their bloodstream. Relaxation will spread into the muscle frame of the user, as well as de-sensitization to his/her surroundings, with all inhibitions and problems fading away. The user will often daze into a half-awake expression as the high is felt. Irrational and irritable feelings can occur if the user is disturbed or provoked. The tolerance of this drug causes the high to be short-lived in small dosages, causing the user to take more of the drug each time to achieve the state of euphoria.

Withdrawal/After Effects
Withdrawal from opium is a very painful experience, as bone crushing pain sweeps through the nervous system of the user. The muscles will cramp and spasm, and cause difficulty breathing and basic bodily function, which often leaves the user to either take more drugs or be sent to hospital and be functioned with a machine. As well as the bone crushing pain, the user will be very nauseous, and will often vomit. Fever and black outs can occur, as well as mood swings and heavy paranoia and anxiety will hit the user during the withdrawal period. The withdrawal from the system of the user in a while can take up to 3 days, with the pain and main effects lasting the majority of this time.

When stoned off opium, the following terms can be used in your roleplay;
/ame or /me appears heavily relaxed, with very vague movements.
/ame or /me has glazed over, unresponsive eyes, and blinks very slowly.
/ame or /me breathes slowly, while looking around with half shut eye-lids.

Heroin is a cooked and separated substance from a poppy plant, which is the after-product of opium when dried properly. It can be injected, snorted and smoked while in powder form. The nicknames associated with heroin include H, black tar, brown sugar, horse, smack and horse. Heroin is the most addictive drug today, and causes the user to be heavily dependant on it. The user will have very unresponsive eyes, with half shut eye lids and dilated pupils, and a dry mouth.

After smoking, injecting or snorting powdered heroin, the user should feel the effects instantly. Often when injected, the user will instantly be sent into a half-responsive state of consciousness, and fall into a relaxed position due to the high euphoric sensations the user will experience, including a warm sensation, which will riddle through the entire body, causing every motion and movements to feel highly enjoyable. The user will be irritable if disturbed from the high, and may be very off-balanced if walking or moving casually, due to the hyper-relaxations of muscles in his/her body. The heart rate of the user will lower, and cause euphoric sensations of lucid surrealism to grip the user. The entire euphoric high of heroin will last up to 3 hours, depending on the dosage and strength of the drug.

Withdrawal/After Effects
Withdrawal from heroin is similar to that of opium, except instead of pain, the body will just slowly shut down. This is called a dope sickness, where the breathing and basic organ function will slowly fail due to the opoid desire the body has become reliant on. The user will be very fatigued, with large amounts of anxiety and paranoia flooding their mind as they withdraw. In most cases, the user will be rendered near-death due to being unable to move and in some cases unable to breath due to dope sickness. The withdrawal from heroin can last between 1 to 2 weeks, depending on the period of use, as well as consistency of use.

After experiencing sensations of euphoria from heroin, you can use these roleplay examples for your roleplay;
/ame or /me looks very unresponsive, with a heavily dazed expression on his/her face.
/ame or /me barely moves with any healthy response, with half shut eyes and a relaxed posture.
/ame or /me stumbles into a wall, and falls against it for a moment, before standing up loosely and stumbling around in a daze.

Doing drugs is putting you and your family and friends into an incredibly dangerous and emotional situation. Do not do drugs, they are illegal and will cause distress and damage to your life. This thread is not in any way designed to entice or encourage drug use, it is merely made to instruct those how to roleplay them realistically on the server.

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