Strike System

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Strike System

Post by Orlando_Halsted on Thu Mar 24, 2016 11:36 pm

Due to constant rule breakings we will now introduce a strike system. It goes like this, each time you are punished for breaking a rule you will receive a strike. Reach three and you're kicked from the faction. Your strikes can be removed if you maintain a positive reputation consistently.

Darnell_Barnes - *
Raeanne Barklay/Lovell Moore - **

Below I will be posting reasons why the players were striked

Darnell Barnes was punished for MG and DM on the 24th of March by Ryu.

Raeanne Barklay/Lovell Moore was punished for failure to RP, PG and MG on the 24th of March by Ryu. He was also punished for for non-RP and DM later on by Scrub.


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