[GUIDE] Roleplaying a youngin.

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[GUIDE] Roleplaying a youngin.

Post by Deron Frazier on Thu Mar 03, 2016 2:15 pm

There have been continuous issues with people unrealistically portraying young hoodlums, for starters the approaches I've seen are by far unrealistic, for example, today someone pulled up in a car, parked it in-front of us and asked if he could hang with us. Nonsense like this will result in you being forced to leave the grounds or even getting beaten up. Instead a more sufficient alternative could be to roleplay moving in the area however, show some development before getting all up in the faces of the affiliates. You shouldn't expect to be allowed to hang around the block with the affiliates hence yourself just recently moving in. A suggestion would be to attempt making friends with fellow outsiders or someone around the block within your age group rather than hanging with outsiders which is completely unrealistic. Another issue I'd like to address, is when individuals begin claiming the gang hence the fact they recently moved in, that'll be considered false claiming and there are severe punishments following this act. Another tip would be to roleplay having limited funds however, not completely being an individual facing serious financial issues, this'll give you the opportunity to work for higher ranking members, for example; selling drugs and committing other criminal acts, this will reinforce your relationship with affiliates and of course build your character's rep.

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